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Q-Liberator Compiler

Q-Liberator BASIC compiler is now available once more, from thanks to an arrangement between RWAP Software and Jochen Merz. The most recent version is v3.36 and costs £33 from


The QLOAD/QREF utilities, also from Liberation Software, is also available from The QLOAD part creates faster loading tokenised SuperBASIC program files, while QREF is a programming aid for BASIC, allowing you to do things like searching for variable and procedure name in a BASIC program, list occurrences of variable and procedure names used and so on. QLOAD/QREF available for £15 from

Level 9 Game Interpreter

Tomas Kral has been working on porting a level9 game interpreter for QL systems. His work so far can be seen at

During the 1980s a small British company called Level 9, run by two brothers (Mike and Pete Austin), produced a series of text adventure games for a variety of computers. These games received considerable critical acclaim and are probably the best text adventures written for the small cassette based 8 bit computers common in Britain in the 80s.

Level 9 wrote their games using a custom designed system known as “A-Code”, which evolved from games on the 8 bit computers such as the Acorn BBC Model B, the Sinclair Spectrum and the Commodore 64 to the (then new) 16 bit machines such as the Amiga and the Atari ST.

Tomas’s work could lead to the release of several new adventure games for the QL.

Menu Extension

Marcel has also secured permission from Jochen Merz to release version 7.66 of the Menu Extension file, menu_rext, needed to run some pointer driven programs. This is not the highest version number available – there is a version 8, although that’s meant to be only for QPC2 users.

Marcel says that this is the latest version he has access to sources for, but should later general versions come ot light he will do a follow up of this release.

Download menu_rext from

ATR Device Drivers

The ATR device drivers allow the use of a device driver able to read Atari and DOS/Windows floppy disks via a device called ATR – e.g. DIR ATR1_ or DIR ATR2_ plus however many drives are supported by the interface in question.

Originally written by Jochen Hassler and available through various German dealers, the ATR drivers are now on free release following permission given by the author to Marcel Kilgus.

The package includes code for various QL disk systems, including Sandy, Trump Card, QFLP, Atari, CST, Cumana and Medic. Comes with a German help file plus a machine translated English version in need of some tidying up (any volunteers?)

Download the ATR package from

SMSQ/E Manuals

Version 1.04 of the SMSQ/E (SBASIC) manual is now available. It consists of sections on the separate installations of SMSQ/E (Aurora, QPC, Q40, Gold Card…) and has been updated to include documentation on the Recent thing, ALPHA_BLEND keywords and Aurora installations.

Download the manual or read it online from the eBooks page on my website at

The online version is at (note that the online version is simply saved as filtered html from the original Word document so may suffer some formatting issues and of course page number references are meaningless)

SMSQ/E v3.29

SMSQ/E now stands at version 3.29 and is available to download from Wolfgang Lenerz’s SMSQ/E Registrar pages at

Don’t forget that you can download both the sources and binaries for all official platforms from that page.

Recent changes include:


Maximum string array size is 32766, not 32767.


index of string_length +1 in string slicing before the TO no longer accepted i.e. you can no longer do something like a$(5 TO 4)
FSEND_EVENT function added.
SMSQmulator : JVA_VER$ etc added, better stipple handling, copy QL screen.


dmedium_drive$ fixed.
INPUT buffer is limited to max string length (32K -2).