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Thor ROM Disassembly

A user on QL Forum has provided a disassembly of the version 4.00 Argos operating system ROM for Thor machines, which are now quite rare.

Get the disassembly from (scroll down the page to “Disassemblies & Sources”).

It’s probably worth noting that images of other versions of the Thor ROM are available to download from the same page.

A CST Thor computer

QL LED Wires and Sermouse

If you’ve ever had to take apart the QL and disconnected the LED wires, you may well find yourself cursing how on earth they go back together if you didn’t remember to make a note before removing them.

Well, Cristian on QL Forum has come up with a neat little diagram showing which order the LEDs are re-inserted. I’ll reproduce the diagram here, but the original is available from my site at (scroll down the page to the LEDs section).

Cristian also provided a wiring diagram for making a SER2 (UK connector) to DB9 adaptor lead. The diagram is available from the same page. Scroll down the page to “Sermouse – SER2 Adaptor”

Sync 2

I’ve issued an update to my Sync program, which allows you to synchronise files across two drives. If you have been updating media on a laptop, for example, then on getting home you need to ensure that the latest versionsof each file are updated to be the same on both computers.

The original program was written in BASIC and published as a listing in Quanta magazine some time ago.

The new version is pointer driven and compiled with Qliberator. It requires Window Manager 2.

This new version can copy files both ways, or just one way if you prefer. Two way synchronisation takes longer but ensures that both drives contain the latest copies of each file. You can opt to process sub-directories if you wish to.

QL/E Version 3.19

Urs König has announced version 3.19 of his QL?E project. Edition 1904, codenamed “On the move”, is available to download from Urs’s website at

Urs writes:

“It took me over 7 months to complete work on this release of QL/E. This time quite a huge change and so I hope, a vast improvement.”


  • Colourways, JMON, QD, QMovie, QSpread!
  • Updated EE, FiFi, HyperHELP, IPNET,
  • Improved boot process: more FREE MEMORY,faster startup, more HOTKEYs, flavours.
  • Added and reworked DO scripts.

Cleanup and improvements here and there.