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IPNet Update

Martin Head has released v1.09 of his IP Net networking software.

New in this version:

While the original FSERVE allowed all remote network stations full access to the devices and files on the server. NASERVE blocks all remote stations from accessing the servers devices and files, until they are explicitly shared on a station by station basis, or globally to all stations.

In addition shared directories and files my be given a ‘read only’ status to prevent remote network stations changing, or deleting files on the server.

Download it from http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/internet/index.html

A photograph from Urs König’s blog, showing 3 laptops in action with IPNet, Martin Head’s latest IPnet in action on three PCs, two running QPC2 as IPNet nodes, one running a QPC as Router plus another QPC2 and a SMSQmulator as LocalNet notes. All setups are running QL/E

IPnet Update

Martin Head has released version 1.02 of IPnet, a device driver to re-enable the QL networking facilities of QPC2 using the built in IP device driver. It supports most of the features of the standard QL network including FSERVE and the NFS_USE device. Version 1.02, Martin says, has fixed “a problem with the IP_ADDR/NET command failing on IP addresses with octets greater than 100” and also “allows FSERVE on network stations with station numbers greater than 8”. User manual now included in Word/RTF/PDF formats. Download IPnet from http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/internet/index.html