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Mini QL Workshop

Today I took advantage of the opportunity to join some QL users from the north of England at a mini QL workshop organised by NEMQLUG and held in a Quanta committee member’s home. This was the first in a series of four such events planned in 2016. 9 of us came together for an afternoon of QLing. Read my report and details of when the next events will be held on my blog at – the posting heading is ‘Mini Workshop’.

Dilwyn Jones

QL Tools for HxC

This is a version of qltools modified to operate directly on .hfe files as used by the HxC floppy emulator. It will need the libhxcfe.dll from the  this is available by downloading and extracting the HxCFloppyEmulator software. (Graeme Gregory).

Related to the QL Tools for HxC is a DOS batch copy routine by Ian Johnston, to copy files to an SD card image using the Windows exe version of QLTools (command line) with the HxC floppy emulator, .HFE files. Hopefully of use to HxC users, as the QLTools currently has no facility to process batches of files.

The HxC is a floppy disk emulator system, based on an SD card system which plugs into a QL and pretends (as far as the QL is concerned) to be a floppy disk drive, bu the files are held in an image file on the SD card. A small screen on the HxC interface lets you choose which image to use. Rich Mellor has provided a simple guide to this device at

Spy and MasterSpy Editors

Spy and Master Spy text editors from A.R.K. (Applied Research Kernel), formerly commercial programs, are now available for free download from Editors and Viewers page. Includes a manual for Master Spy, but manual for Spy to follow.

Thanks to various people, I have been able to preserve version 2.4 and 3.0 of Spy, and versions 1.3, 2.1 and 3.3 of MasterSpy. I’m very grateful to Richard Howe of A.R.K. for permission to make these and the manuals and Configuration Parameter Sheets available from

QL Wreck Dive

Rich Mellor has managed to make contact with former QL software author Nick Ward, who wrote some of the QL titles available from CGH Services and DJC. Nick has given permission for his QL software to be released as freeware, starting with v2.03 of Wreck Dive, featuring a diver exploring a shipwreck in search of treasure. 6 decks and 140 rooms to explore. Other titles may follow when we have been able to locate copies. Download the game from

Screen dump from Wreck Dive game for QL

Screen dump from Wreck Dive game for QL

Screen dump from Wreck Dive game for QL

Screen dump from Wreck Dive game for QL

QL Picture Gallery

Urs König writes (10th February):

Yesterday the QL Picture Gallery v3.30 – which is also part of QL is 30 2014 The Distribution (see ) – has been released and is already available as online web content. The Picture Gallery has grown from 1797 to 1979 pictures with many new exclusive photographs. See


Sandy Discount Codes For Quanta Members

Don’t forget if buying certain products from Dave Park at Sandy that you can still use the 25% off code QUANTABAT and QUANTAPAD on the Gold Card battery replacements and microdrive felt pads, and 10% off with QUANTAMIN codes if buying a Minerva MkII (either version) published in the News Supplement of the last issue. These special offer codes for members are valid throughout 2014.