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SMSQ/E v3.34

SMSQE 3.34 is out.

Mostly bugfixes for Q68, but also a new SSJOB command courtesy of Per Witte, who also extended the JOB_NAME command to work in compiled programs. Marcel Kilgus contributed updated QL-SD drivers, while Wolfgang Lenerz provided some improvements and bug fixers for the Q68 and Q40/Q60. Downloads of the binaries and sources plus list of changes at

SMSQ/E and SBASIC Manual

Version 1.06 of the SMSQ/E and SBASIC guide is now available to download from my website at . The manual may be read online (HTML file) or downloaded in a variety of formats (including eBook formats) from that page. The SMSQ/E operating system sources and binaries are available to download free of charge from Wolfgang Lenerz’s site at

QL Wifi

We’ve already brought you news of Johan Engdahl’s QL wifi interface:

Back in November, Johan sent the following news about it to the “Sinclair QL For Everyone” group on Facebook:
“For those of you that has bought my QLwifi adapter, for QL as well as ZX Spectrum 128K/IF1, and for those of you that has not yet done so 🙂
“To ease your life with the adapter I´m in the progress of coding server and client applications for easy file transfer to/from your machine and other useful stuff.
“To be able to support both Linux and Windows, for the server part, I´m coding portable C++ code, which will work on both platforms.
“I´m hoping that first release would be available around X-mas / New Year.
“Files for Linux and Windows will be binaries ready to run, for ZX it´ll be TAP and for QL it´ll be MDV image.”
Johan has also announced he can supply 3D printed aftermarket QL riser legs (QL feet!) at €5 per pair of feet plus postage and packing, and also he’s created a 3D model of the MDV collar which, according to Sinclair, is a mandatory modification and is supposed to go under the rightmost screw on MDV2 to prevent the lid from touching the microdrive thus misaligning the head. He provided the .STL file to download from the Sinclair QL For Everyone group on Facebook.

DJ’s Sinclair QL Pages On Facebook

I’ve set up a QL page of my own on Facebook. What I hope to do is provide snippets of news, links to useful QL blogs and websites and so on.

It’s called simply DJ’s Sinclair QL Pages. Find it on Facebook by searching for djsinclairql or go to or If you like the page, click on Like so that the likes spread via newsfeeds and increase awareness of the page and the QL in general.

FX CAST Atari ST Core for MISTer and SMSQ/E

Marjus Dettweiller in Switzerland reports that with the availability of FX CAST, a cycle accurate 68000 CPU and cycle accurate chipset for the FPGA based MISTer system (information and download at – emulates Atari ST/STFM only, no STE functionality and no blitter), it is now known that the Atari version of SMSQ/E works on it. DD disk read/write is via .MSA disk image.

Get FX68K from The Atari version of SMSQ/E is available to download from Wolfgang Lenerz’s website at


OQTopus is a freeware software to manage local networks on QPC2. It
is based on the IP_Net, IP_Router and IP_Ping extensions from Martin
Head. Giorgio Garabello has written an article about it, available to
read at
network-manager-for-black-phoenix/ network-manager-for-black-phoenix/