Monthly Archives: July 2017

IP Ping

Martin Head has written a small utility for QPC2 that allows you to ‘ping’ another PC (or the the one you are working on) and get a response from up to 10 QPC2’s that are running the ‘ping server’ on that PC.

For further information, check out this thread on QL Forum where you can also download the software itself and some example programs in BASIC:


Norman Dunbar has released an update to his Qstripper software for Windows and Linux, which converts QL word processing files to PDF, HTML, text and DocBook XML formats. Released under GNU General Public License version 2.0, Qstripper is available ot download for various platforms in 32 bit and 64 bit formats from Sourceforge

250 QL Games

Simone Voltolini has put together a massive collection of over 250 free QL games and shared it via Dropbox/Facebook.

Most of the games are already available from websites such as mine, but it is so convenient to have them all available in a single large download (about 12MB in size)