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A new version of QPC2 will shortly be available – some of us have been fortunate enough to Beta-test an early release. Here’s some notes from the text file which came with it:

  • 5.00  Converted most parts from assembler to C, except the emulation core
  • First version that is not compatible with Windows 95 anymore :- XP or later is needed now
  • Finally a new DirectX11 based screen driver! Much more compatible and faster.
  • Old screen driver still included for WINE or other situations.
  • QPC_QLSCREMU emulation now goes both ways, making it compatible with basically all old software
  • Improved FLP driver including a new write cache for very fast disc writes
  • DOS driver can now save QL header information like QemuLator
  • DOS driver translates file extension separator “_” vs. “.” (configurable)
  • DOS driver transparently translates illegal Windows filenames like “con” into “con_”
  • DOS driver moves files when creating directories like the SMSQ/E drivers
  • DOS driver returns the correct size of sub-directory entries within directories
  • DOS driver returns all filenames in correct upper/lowercase spelling
  • DOS driver RENAME now also works on XP
  • WIN/DOS/FLP configuration now has auto-complete edit fields
  • Some improvement to power management
  • Improved BEEP emulation (especially for short beeps)
  • Implemented STOP 68000 instruction
  • Scan all monitors for biggest resolution, not just primary
  • Added some missing CTRL+key keyboard combinations

QPC2 v4.05

Marcel has also released version 4.05 of the QPC2 emulator, a bug fix release which includes SMSQ/E v3.28.

This release, in addition to the usual fixed resolutions for the emulator window size, features an option to use the maximum available resolution in the startup configuration window (at the top of the list of fixed resolution selections).

Marcel has also implemented IOF.LOAD and IOF.SAVE in the IP driver, along with fixing a few errors in the IP driver itself. He has also fixed setting of file dates in the DOS device, and fixed the KEYROW value of left Ctrl key in the Windows keyboard driver of QPC2.

Download QPC2 v4.05 and the latest manual revision 4.02 from Marcel’s site at https://www.kilgus.net/qpc/downloads/

QPC2 v4.02

QPC2 v4.02 has just been released. I have only recently converted to Windows 7 and found that the SMSQ/E soft reset using CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+TAB didn’t work anymore as Windows now uses CTRL+ALT+TAB for one of its many task switchers (ignoring the SHIFT key). It wasn’t exactly easy, but I finally found a workaround for this.

Also, QPC_VER$ was broken on QPC2v4.

Includes SMSQ/E v3.19 with fixed appsup-window support.

Also, there is a new qpcdemo.win with updated software on it. Plus it now includes QPAC2, as every proper system should have that!

QPC2 v4.01 Free For All!

Marcel Kilgus has announced that, to celebrate the birth of his daughter, he has made QPC2 available free to download from his website. In a posting on 31st January he said:

“I have mentioned that I intended to make QPC2 available and free for all for some time and the first fruit of this could be observed for QL Today subscribers with QPC2 v4 on the last QL-Today DVD.

“Now, to celebrate the birth of my first and very lovely daughter (who turns one week old in exactly 3 hours), I follow up on my promise and finally make QPC2 available for everybody to enjoy. Head over to http://www.kilgus.net/qpc/downloads.html  to get it.

“The package contains QPC2 v4.01 and the latest SMSQ/E 3.18.”

A couple of days later, Marcel wrote:

“There was a bug in the installer that created the qpc.ini and qpcdemo.win files write protected when installing using the “all users” option. This has been fixed. Also, the default qpc.ini file suppressed the config dialog, which has been fixed, too. It’s still 4.01 as QPC itself has not changed.”