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DJ’s Sinclair QL Pages On Facebook

I’ve set up a QL page of my own on Facebook. What I hope to do is provide snippets of news, links to useful QL blogs and websites and so on.

It’s called simply DJ’s Sinclair QL Pages. Find it on Facebook by searching for djsinclairql or go to or If you like the page, click on Like so that the likes spread via newsfeeds and increase awareness of the page and the QL in general.

FX CAST Atari ST Core for MISTer and SMSQ/E

Marjus Dettweiller in Switzerland reports that with the availability of FX CAST, a cycle accurate 68000 CPU and cycle accurate chipset for the FPGA based MISTer system (information and download at – emulates Atari ST/STFM only, no STE functionality and no blitter), it is now known that the Atari version of SMSQ/E works on it. DD disk read/write is via .MSA disk image.

Get FX68K from The Atari version of SMSQ/E is available to download from Wolfgang Lenerz’s website at


OQTopus is a freeware software to manage local networks on QPC2. It
is based on the IP_Net, IP_Router and IP_Ping extensions from Martin
Head. Giorgio Garabello has written an article about it, available to
read at
network-manager-for-black-phoenix/ network-manager-for-black-phoenix/