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QL Forum Online Chat

Rob Heaton writes:

We are currently trialing a new ‘Online Chat’ system, this allows our members to communicate in real time and will hopefully add a social side to the Forum!

Once signed into the Forum, you will see a link above, called ‘Online Chat’ (This sits next to the ‘User Control Panel’)

You can also connect via an IRC client of your choice, using the following settings;

IRC Server: irc.mibbit.net Port: 6667 Channel Name: #qlforum

If the Online Chat is a success, we’ll look at purchasing the ad-free version, which also allows us to apply the look and feel of the forum to the chat window.

Update: after a few moans about the free ad-supported version, the QL Forum owners purchased the ad-free version and it is now up and running without the annoying popups and adverts (well, unless we go over a rather high number of users at any rate).

Peter Scott (‘vanpeebles’ on QL Forum) says that there’s been an average of about 5 people a night, including some well known QL personalities. It’s certainly quickly become a stable fixture of the QL scene.