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Minerva For Q68

Q68 users can now opt to try out a version of Minerva for their system. This was ported by Jan Bredenbeek who has made it available via Github.

The Minerva operating system was originally designed as a replacement ROM operating system for the Sinclair QL computer, currently licenced under GPLv3. This port is aimed at the Q68, an FPGA-based replacement board for the QL. It is not intended as a serious alternative for the SMSQ/E OS supplied with the Q68, as SMSQ/E is far more extensive and better suited to support the Q68 hardware than the 48K ROM-based Minerva.

We just provide this port to demonstrate the Q68’s ability to run ‘oldskool’ ROM images, give Q68 users the Minerva look and feel, and maybe provide an opportunity to run badly written software that doesn’t run on SMSQ/E (but chances are big that this software won’t run on Minerva either).

The current Minerva build is based on v1.98, with a few modifications to run successfully on the Q68.

While the original Minerva for QL was 48K in length, this version is a 96K ROM image. In addition to the operating system, there is a keyboard driver specific for USA, UK and German keyboard layouts, together with a SDHC card driver. MDV driver is disabled as there is no MDV hardware on the Q68.

By default, the devices win1_ and win2_ will be mapped to container files QLWA.WIN on SDHC drives 1 and 2 respectively. If present, the devices qub1_ and qub2_ will be mapped to Qubide container files QL_BDI.BIN on SDHC drives 1 and 2 respectively. This can be changed by configuring the Q68_ROM.SYS file.

Maximum RAM is limited to 16MB because of the slave block structure, while the Q68 serial and network ports are not supported.

QL Magazine Scans

Thanks to Klaus Frank and Brian Kemmett, we believe we now have the complete set of QL User and QL World magazines from 1984 to the last known issue May 1994 scanned and available to download as PDF files.

Note that many of the scans are very large, up to about 80MB in size, so be aware of this before downloading!

Brian Kemmett has also scanned the four issues of the short-lived SUB (Super User Bureau) magazine and they are also available as PDF files.

Klaus Frank also scanned the QL New User Guide supplements which appeared in QL World magazine over the years. Thanks also to Cristian from QL Forum who was able to process the file to improve the scan quality and reduce the file size somewhat.

These latest scans join the existing scans of QLUB, QL Adventurers Forum and QL Leisure review magazines.

Download them all from

Scanned copies of QL Today magazine are also available to download from (English editions) and (German editions).

The last issue of QL World magazine

An issue of QL SUB magazine

New Website, New Server

In order to reduce the outgoings of QUANTA we have moved our web server to a new provider. This has also meant that our old CMS (Content Management Server, Typo3) has been replaced with a different CMS called WordPress. We hope you find the new site useful, and please bear with us until all the old content has been migrated over.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the contact form below: