Peter Scott has finally released his 198x adventure game. Apparently, work started on it in 2014 and took over five years. It was written in the ACT system (Adventure Creation Tool) for QL.

Here is a summary of the story.

“In the new future, computer data is the newest and most valuable commodity, worth more than rare metals, dwindling fossil fuels or even gold. Individuals, companies and even countries will stop at nothing to get a lead on information before someone else does, receiving vital information even just minutes before a rival can mean difference between war or peace, profit or bankruptcy, or even life or death.

This new endless thirst for information has led to the rise of data extraction profession; clandestine agencies and individuals, who receive shady anonymous requests for data espionage jobs ranging from the world changing to the almost mundane or petty. A new job request has flashed up on your encrypted messaging system.”

Download the game from:http://www.zen70509.zen.co.uk/198-adventure.zip