Monthly Archives: October 2013

Complete QL Today Index

Now that the final issue of QL Today has been published, Brian Kemmett has put together a complete index to all 17 volumes of the magazine. The index is available to download as a PDF file from

QL Today went out in style, with a DVD jam-packed with all sorts of QL software and content of all sort. The DVD was put together by Urs König in Switzerland and includes such gems as a copy of the ARM processor version of the uQLx emulator by Tobias Fröschle, including a version for the Raspberry Pi. This is also available to download from

Spectrum Super Basic?

Tobias Fröschle let us know about this.

If you’re only looking for a similar environment (i.e. not an exact copy of SuperBASIC), it might be worth looking into SpecBAS, an evolved reMake of 1980 Spectrum Basic for various modern platforms. It’s not exactly SuperBASIC, but “feels like it” (Or, rather, like a “Spectrum on steroids”)

QemuLator Update for Mac OS X

QemuLator for Mac OS X has a trial mode now that allows unregistered users to run QL software on it. In trial mode, emulation is limited to a 128 KB QL and some advanced features are not available.

The new “Try” button in the startup/registration window allows emulating a QL with 128 KB or RAM and speed similar to that of the 68008 CPU.

Quanta Is Still Here

I noticed some posts on QL Forum from non-members asking if Quanta is still here. We are, but realise this website is perhaps not our best advert.

If anyone is prepared to help us with content on this website, please contact Keith, our webmaster, to discuss it. Ideally, you’d be a member, but not necessarily a committee member in the short term at least (although we could always co-opt someone onto committee in the short term to help us out).