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New Trumpcard/Qubide Clone

Tetroid in Russia has developed a new interface combining his existing Trump Card clone with a Qubide clone to provide an all in one memory/disk/compact flash card interface with Toolkit II on board.

The card has an IDE hard disk connector and a Compact Flash memory card connector. It comes with 768K add-on RAM, like a Trump Card. In fact, the developer says it has 1MB RAM on board but only 768K of this is usable, making a total of 896K RAM like a Trump Card. The addressing space and memory map of the QL’s 68008 design imposes this limit.

Prototype boards have been sent out to users to beta-test and will in due course be made available via SellMyRetro.com.

Developer Tetroid is on QL Forum under that name, so questions about this interface may be directed to him via QL Forum.

Tetroid’s new Trump Card clone with Qubide on board

In the meantime, the original Trump Card clone is still available through SellMyRetro.com at http://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/sinclair-ql-ram-expansion-and-floppy-disk-interface-10861 for $106.99 plus shipping costs.