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TCP/IP Documentation And Examples

I’ve created a new page in the Documents part of my website, dedicated to information about the TCP/IP stack included with emulators such as QPC2, uQLx, SMSQmulator and QemuLator.

Personally, I found it hard to come across the information and examples of how to use the facilities from QL BASIC, so after a frustrating few days when I just couldn’t find the information to get even the most basic example working, I decided to do something about it myself.

The documents include Richard Zidlicky and Jonathan Hudson’s original pages about uQLx (now that Graeme Gregory is pushing ahead with the 2017 update of uQLx for Linux/ARM systems I realised the documentation might be welcome) and the TCP/IP stack originally implemented on uQLx.

I’ve included a document of mine showing how to use the TCP/IP stack from BASIC to download html pages and read email headers, for example. The document includes example BASIC listings.

There are also links to documents and software from Martin Head, including to his IPbasic software package designed to simplify and enhance the use of the networking facilities, plus a glossary of networking terminology.

I hope this helps generate some interest in the use of the facilities the emulator authors worked so hard to bring us, yet so few people seem to have used.