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The Simulator (Ekotek)

We have received permission from Robert Stekelenburg (who owned Ekotek) to make The Simulator, a flight simulator program for the QL, freeware.

We have preserved a copy which runs as a disk image in q-emulator – there is currently copy protection on this, which reduces how many copies can be made onto real disks, but at least it does allow stand-alone disk copies to be made. Robert is going to see if he still has sources so we can see if we can try to get the copy protection removed, but at least it’s available and usable now.

Detleft Obermann has put in a lot of work to make this program usable, with assistance from Tobias Fröschle. For example, the program can now be switched between MODE 8 and MODE 4.

Ian Burkinshaw has reproduced a manual and the maps and crib sheets as PDF files, available to download as PDF files alongside the program itself from the Games page on my website at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/games/index.html

Screen dump from The Simulator for Sinclair QL

Screen dump from The Simulator for Sinclair QL

QL Games Collection 1

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Sinclair QL, we are now offering the QL Games Collection Pack 1 at 50% off until the end of March – just £5 with email delivery! The games included in this package are:

Jungle Eddi by Stefan Kuhne
Hoverzone by R G Riley
by Damon Chaplin and T. Bovingdon
Cuthbert in Space by Steve Bak and S J Proctor
QL Hopper by Steve Bak and S J Proctor
QL Pengi by Jochen Merz and R. Bieniek
QL Vroom by Daniel Macré
Stone Raider II by Alex J Herbert
The King by C H Robertson Consultants
The Lost Pharaoh by Stefan Kuhne