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A version of the QubATA software is now available for Q40/Q60 with IDE controller(s) on ISA card.

This driver, with associated utilities, supports a primary and secondary IDE controller with 1 to 4 physical drives on the Q40/Q60 platforms.

As with the original QubIDE driver, QubATA uses its own QLW1 format for disks and partitions and will not actually support the QLWA format used by the WIN driver under SMSQ/E on Q40.

Original Qubide media such as CF cards can be directly used if inserted in the Q40 IDE slot with adaptor. Also, QubATA driver may cohabit safely with the WIN driver if present. It will install itself as QUB driver instead of the usual WIN driver name and will handle QLW1 disks formatted and foreign media without interfering with  other WIN disks.

To avoid clashes with BASIC keywords, all QubATA commands prefixed with WIN_ are changed to QUB_ instead. The CD_xxx keywords are unchanged.

Please refer to the QubATA manual for a complete description of all commands and replace WIN by QUB everywhere. All QubATA commands and features should work on Q40: direct raw access, trashcan, partitioning, CD audioplaying, alien media. See the Q40_Notes_txt file supplied for a fuller explanation of the differences.

Get QubQ40 from the QL ROMs page on my website at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/qlrom/index.html (scroll down to Qubide section).