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QTImage is a photo editor and viewer for QL-compatible systems and emulators with high colour modes.

Based on the David Westbury PHGTK (Photon General Toolkit) software, QTImage by the team at Quantum Technology in Italy allows us to view JPG, GIF and PNG graphics on our GD2 systems.

In addition to viewing, it is possible to rotate, flip, resize, zoom, alter brightness and colour levels to improve the pictures.

A number of filters can be applied to pictures, such as smoothing, sharpening, raising, motion blur, box blur, Gaussian blur, edge detection, coarsening and feint.

Screenshot showing several copies of QTImage running at the same time, all displaying different pictures.

The program can be run in English or Italian.

Download it from the Quantum Technology website at http://www.hunggartorino.it/ql/qtimage-2/