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QL/E Version 3.19

Urs König has announced version 3.19 of his QL?E project. Edition 1904, codenamed “On the move”, is available to download from Urs’s website at http://sinclairql.net/repository.html#QLE

Urs writes:

“It took me over 7 months to complete work on this release of QL/E. This time quite a huge change and so I hope, a vast improvement.”


  • Colourways, JMON, QD, QMovie, QSpread!
  • Updated EE, FiFi, HyperHELP, IPNET,
  • Improved boot process: more FREE MEMORY,faster startup, more HOTKEYs, flavours.
  • Added and reworked DO scripts.

Cleanup and improvements here and there.

QL/E v3.15

Codenamed “Grey heron”, Edition 1611 of QL/E is out now from Urs König.

QL/E is a modern and compact ready to run QL Environment (applications, demos, desktops, games, tools, utilities). QL/E comes loaded and pre-configured with a good selection of programs including a nicely setup desktop built using QPAC, QTop, Qascade and QDT. QL/E includes the the latest versions of the virtual QL machines (aka emulators) QPC2 and SMSQmulator and the operating system SMSQ/E.

The main change is that it comes with brand-new versions of SMSQ/E and SMSQmulator (September/October 2016) from Wolfgang Lenerz plus the very latest IPNet from Martin Head.

Support for the various QL compatible platforms (QPC2, SMSQmulator, QXL, QPC1, QemuLator, uQLx, QL-SD) has been vastly improved.

Plus QL/E can now be fully and easy be configured.

Go and get it here:


Screenshot from QL/E