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QL/E v3.16

Codenamed “White Swan”, version 3.16 of QL/E is now available to download from Urs König’s site at http://sinclairql.net/repository.html#QLE

For those who just need a modern and compact ready to run QL environment (applications, demos, desktops, games, tools, utilities), go ahead and download QL/E. QL/E comes loaded and pre-configured with a good selection of programs including a nicely setup desktop built using QPAC, QTop, Qascade and QDT. QL/E includes the the latest versions of the virtual QL machines (aka emulators) QPC2 and SMSQmulator and the operating system SMSQ/E.

The latest version also supports other SMSQ/E platforms such the MC68040 powered QXL PC ISA card (DOS) and QPC1 (DOS) plus QDOS/Minerva platforms such as the original Sinclair QL with QL-SD, the MIST FPGA based multi platform computer, Q-emuLator (Windows, Mac OS) and uQLx (Linux including the Raspberry Pi).

Screenshot of QL/E v3.16