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New version of “The Final DVD”, now as free download for everyone!

Lucerne, Jan 12th 2014 – COWO Enterprises LLC proudly launches QL is 30 2014 The Distribution. This distribution is the successor to the QL Today 2013 The Final DVD which was sent out in September 2013 with The Final Issue of the QL Today magazine. The new version 3.00 holds everything which was on the DVD, but has been carefully updated and supplemented with new material – we have been able to add some real gems and an exclusive new release of a formerly commercial package – created or preserved during the last few months. Altogether there are more than 4.6 GBytes of QL related documents, software and pictures on this distribution. Preconfigured QL emulators for use under Windows, Mac OS and even Linux make it easy to bring the QL (back) to your desk. QL is 30 2014 The Distribution is free which means it can be downloaded, used and re-distributed by anyone at no cost. As we are in the final stages of production availability is just days ahead. Order your free download copy using the email address listed in the Feedback section on the brand new “QL is 30” website. In good old Sinclair manner we have to state: Please allow 28 days from receipt of order for delivery.

Latest additions include (state 05.02.2014):

  • Very latest versions of the virtual QL machines (aka emulators) QPC2 and SMSQmulator and the Operating System SMSQ/E.
  • 7 volumes of the QUANTA eMag (Volumes 22 to 28, 2005-2011, 43 issues)
  • The SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual (PDFs and more)
  • Plus some real gems (e.g. long lost software) and an exclusive new release (update) of a formerly commercial package

QL forever!