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250 QL Games

Simone Voltolini has put together a massive collection of over 250 free QL games and shared it via Dropbox/Facebook.

Most of the games are already available from websites such as mine, but it is so convenient to have them all available in a single large download (about 12MB in size)


QL Wreck Dive

Rich Mellor has managed to make contact with former QL software author Nick Ward, who wrote some of the QL titles available from CGH Services and DJC. Nick has given permission for his QL software to be released as freeware, starting with v2.03 of Wreck Dive, featuring a diver exploring a shipwreck in search of treasure. 6 decks and 140 rooms to explore. Other titles may follow when we have been able to locate copies. Download the game from http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/games/index.html

Screen dump from Wreck Dive game for QL

Screen dump from Wreck Dive game for QL

Screen dump from Wreck Dive game for QL

Screen dump from Wreck Dive game for QL

Colossal Cave

Screen dump of opening screen of Colossal Cave adventure for QL

Colossal Cave adventure

The first ever “interactive fiction” adventure game, Colossal Cave by William Crowther, is available for the QL. Tobias Fröschle obtained the sources from http://www.ifarchive.org/if-archive/games/source/ and ported it to the QL.

Here’s the description from my website:

Colossal Cave – originally produced in the 1970s, this was the historic first “interactive fiction” game where you type in what to do next in simple English in a computer presented scenario. Originally written by William Crowther in 1975, enhanced in 1976 by Don Woods and ported to many computer systems since, it has now been ported to the QL by Tobias Fröschle. Play the role of someone exploring the Colossal Cave system in Kentucky, but beware, although there are rumours of gold and treasure, magic is afoot – you are in a twisty maze of passageways (all alike!)…

See the README_TXT file after downloading and unpacking the zip file for instructions – basically, point DATA_USE and PROG_USE to the directory containing the program files and execute the ADVENT_EXE program. (51K download)

It is now available from the Games page on my website: http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/games/index.html  under the title Colossal Cave.

Colossal Cave adventure for QL

Colossal Cave adventure for QL

An older port of this game by David Stevenson is still available from the Quanta Library, disk GS 03

Squidgy Update

Having found that the Squidgy Around The World game would not run on some QL systems with the PLACExx files in drive 2 as recommended, Detlef Obermann sent me a version altered to run entirely from a single drive system, FLP1_.

Detlef also notes that “it’s not possible to run the Squidgy game as a mounted ZIP under Q-emulator. You need to expand  it  to a real folder, independent of whether it’s on an emulator or on an Black Box QL”. We think that’s caused bý the write protection, the progam tries to write highscore files, which would not be possible to a zipped file attached to a QemuLator drive slot.

Download the updated version of Squidgy from http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/games/index.html

Squidgy in the poppy fields screen shot

Squidgy in the poppy fields

QL Games Collection 1

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Sinclair QL, we are now offering the QL Games Collection Pack 1 at 50% off until the end of March – just £5 with email delivery! The games included in this package are:

Jungle Eddi by Stefan Kuhne
Hoverzone by R G Riley
by Damon Chaplin and T. Bovingdon
Cuthbert in Space by Steve Bak and S J Proctor
QL Hopper by Steve Bak and S J Proctor
QL Pengi by Jochen Merz and R. Bieniek
QL Vroom by Daniel Macré
Stone Raider II by Alex J Herbert
The King by C H Robertson Consultants
The Lost Pharaoh by Stefan Kuhne