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The latest on this long overdue software dock can be seen on my QL blog at http://dilwyn2.wordpress.com/ . The software will include Q-Dock itself, plus Q-Bar (an autohide taskbar and start menu for SMSQ systems) and SPRV, a sprite viewer program which can either view single sprites, or has a tiled view mode allowing you to view all sprites in a given directory.

Some 200 dock graphics have been created or converted, while some 5000 sprite graphics have been created or converted for use as icons. Most of these are freeware or PD graphics and will be available to download free of charge from my website, while the Q-Dock program itself will be available to buy from Bruce Nicholls’ Quo Vadis Design site.

Q-Dock makes extensive use of transparent windows and alpha-mask sprites, becoming one of the first QL programs to use ‘see-through’ window effects, making best use of the graphics features built into the GD2 ‘colour drivers’.

Once again I have to apologise for the delays in releasing this program, my personal circumstances have been less than kind over the last year or so due to my partner’s ill health (hi Ann!), although I’ve been slowly grafting away getting the software to the highest standard I can and making sure it has more than enough graphics at launch!