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PROGS QL Software

Rich Mellor has managed to get confirmation from Joachim van der Auwera of PROGS in Belgium that the PROGS range of QL software (all of it!) is now open source and freely available.

Most of it is available to download from  the PROGS website at http://www.progs.be/ – to get to the QL software, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link where it says “PROGS used to be known for Sinclair QL work. This information is now (very) outdated, it is still available here.”

The programs are mostly also available from the Prowess section of the Dilwyn Jones QL website at


We are still missing the following ProWeSs bits:


Although there are more programs to download on the PROGS website – these seem to be the sources, so need re-compiling.

ProWesS is the PROGS Windowing System, which in its time was a new window manager, which used a system called PROforma for all its drawing, resulting in a resolution and colour independent windowing system. One of the major applications for PROforma at the time was Line Design, a vector drawing and DTP system for the QL.