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PHGTK Updated

David Westbury has issued another update to PHGTK, the Photon General Toolkit. He has combined separate parts into one whole.

This version also includes a modest revision to the Photon viewer program, finally allowing conversion and output to PIC files as well as just use as a graphics viewer. V0.20 of Photon now includes an option in the command line to output as a QL PIC file using the Toolkit 2 EX command:

EX Photon,infile$,outfile$;command$

There are various command line options available for viewing JPEGs and QL PIC files and making wallpaper – see the supplied manual.

Photon now supports improved dithering in the colour output for 256 colour files.

Download PHGTK from http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/graphics/index.html