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Marcel Kilgus Site Updates

Marcel Kilgus writes:

For those that don’t monitor my blog or the QL-Forums, here are a few updates that happened the last few weeks:

I’ve decoded the GoldCard boot/patch ROM code

I’ve hunted down a crash in Minerva

(includes comments by the man Lau Reeves himself!) and released a new version “1.98a1” accordingly

I’ve released QMON/JMON for free

I’ve released a picture of the QMON successor SMON that was unfortunately never finished


I’ve uploaded an update to my PNGConv tool as the 13 year old binary exhibited some problems:

I’ve released a new QL-SD demo disc that now includes many QL games, some for free for the first timehttps://www.kilgus.net/2018/12/17/ql-sd-demo-update/