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Impact Entertainments QL Software

Rich Mellor writes:

Having tracked down Philip Jones who ran Impact Entertainments with his friend Andrew Cserbakoi, the following items of software have now been released as freeware:

  • Here We Go – a text adventure written in ACT
  • The Gee Gee System – a system to increase your chances when betting on horse races
  • Quizmaster – a Pub Quiz game

I updated Quizmaster to allow you to load in extra sets of questions – this was then sold as Quizmaster II.

I will also release Quizmaster II as freeware.

I can obviously send Quizmaster II including the sources to Dilwyn for the Sinclair QL Homepage.

Phil is going to have a look for copies of Here We Go and the original Quizmaster. Hopefully they also have a copy of the Gee Gee system (presuming any of these cartridges still load).

However, if anyone else has copies of these programs on disk – please send them to Dilwyn…

Here We Go! and Quizmaster II are now available to download from the Games page on my website at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/games/index.html