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BMP Graphics Viewer Updated

Bob Spelten Jr. has updated my BMP graphics viewer.

Bob has extended the range of BMP file types which can be converted (most types from 24-bit to 1-bit), while conversions from QL graphics to BMP can now be done as either 24-bit or 16-bit files.

Saving to a DOS or NFA named device will replace underscores with a dot. A scaling option has been introduced for viewing large files – the files are scaled to fit the window, but with aspect ratio maintained.

On the command line, there is a switch option to turn off scaling if you prefer not to use it, along with an option to turn off the BEEPs if they get on your nerves. BMP can be started with a filename on a command line now, allowing other programs to use BMP as a viewer, e.g. FileInfo 2.

We are grateful to François van Emelen for assistance with testing this update.

Download the latest version 1.03 from the Graphics Programs page on my website at