Freeware Updates

I’ve added a number of other toolkits to the Toolkits page on my site – thanks to Rich Mellor for sending me a compilation of such software to add to my site. Some of these are QL software I’ve never seen before and will no doubt some in useful to BASIC programmers.

ECman is a screen extinguishing and video memory manipulation toolkit, with eight extensions from Jacques Tripodi.

Factorial Extension is an extension to return the factorial of an integer number, while Fract is an extension to return the fractional part of a floating point number. NDIM is a function to return the number of dimensions of an array. LWCUPC consists of extensions to convert strings to lower case and upper case. PTRRTP consists of four extensions for Polar to Rectangular and Rectangular to Polar conversion. REV$ is a function which reverses the characters of a string. SGN% is an extension function which returns the sign of a given number, -1 indicates negative, 0 means zero and +1 means it’s a positive number. SWAP is an extension to swap the values of two variables, e.g. SWAP variable1,variable2. TRIM$ is an extension to remove spaces from both ends of a string. TRUE% and FALSE% are extensions which return 1 and 0 respectively. Triprodro extensions TRINT, PROUND and DROUND for rounding off numbers. All by Bruno Coativy.

WIPE is an extension by Peter Beule to quickly clear the QL screen to black. This only works on a standard 32K QL screen.

LEVEL2% is a function which tests for the presence of level 2 drivers on a device attached to a given channel number. This helps you determine in software whether the device supports directories or not. Stand-alone extension based on a similar function in Norman Dunbar’s DJToolkit. Assembler source included.

Toolfin is a financial tools package, with several extensions to aid financial calculations. Original package in Spanish with machine-translated English document. Author is Felix Alonso.

QSound v1.31 contains the latest EPROM version for the ABC QSound interface. The sound examples may be run on the QL-emulator, provided the sound extension has been activated (SND_EXT).

Psion Chess

I’ve added an executable version of the original Psion Chess program for the QL to the games page on my site. This is a version modified by Jochen Hassler, which runs as a standard EXEC file on screen mode 4 systems. It can be run in QPC2 high colour modes by issuing a QPC_QLSCREMU4 command before executing CHESS_EXE. Even the 3D chessboard display works. And the program can be started from Launchpad.