Norman Dunbar writes:

QStripper, a utility that extracts text (only) and text formatting, from a Sinclair QL “Quill” document, has moved house. It’s now on GitHub at


There’s a new release out today, version 1.16, which is an enhancement requested by Derek Stewart over version 1.15. It now allows you to use your own background image rather than the one I installed at version 1.13, a NASA image of Jupiter.

Windows users, I’ve noticed that 1.15 onwards requires a new set of Windows Support Files. Sorry about that, circumstances beyond my control I’m afraid. The release area is https://github.com/NormanDunbar/QStripper/releases

A new image is specified by having a file called background.png in the directory holding the executable file QStripper.exe.

background.png if found is loaded as the background image.

It defaults to the inbuilt image if background.png is not found.

Note that the filename of the image is case sensitive ā€“ must be in lower case.