QL Wifi

We’ve already brought you news of Johan Engdahl’s QL wifi interface:

Back in November, Johan sent the following news about it to the “Sinclair QL For Everyone” group on Facebook:
“For those of you that has bought my QLwifi adapter, for QL as well as ZX Spectrum 128K/IF1, and for those of you that has not yet done so 🙂
“To ease your life with the adapter I´m in the progress of coding server and client applications for easy file transfer to/from your machine and other useful stuff.
“To be able to support both Linux and Windows, for the server part, I´m coding portable C++ code, which will work on both platforms.
“I´m hoping that first release would be available around X-mas / New Year.
“Files for Linux and Windows will be binaries ready to run, for ZX it´ll be TAP and for QL it´ll be MDV image.”
Johan has also announced he can supply 3D printed aftermarket QL riser legs (QL feet!) at €5 per pair of feet plus postage and packing, and also he’s created a 3D model of the MDV collar which, according to Sinclair, is a mandatory modification and is supposed to go under the rightmost screw on MDV2 to prevent the lid from touching the microdrive thus misaligning the head. He provided the .STL file to download from the Sinclair QL For Everyone group on Facebook.