Fleet Tactical Command II

A patched version of the Fleet Tactical Command II Demo, this patch allows you to play the game in QPC2. It also allows you to play a Network game between two copies of QPC2 either on the same PC, or two PCs connected over a local area network. It is supplied as two small QXL.WIN files in FTCIIDemo.zip which act as FLP1 & 2. There are two documents supplied. Operate, is a tidied up version of the Operate text file supplied with the FTCIIDemo. Fleet Tactical Command II for QPC2, is notes on using the patched version, updating the full version, and instructions for using IPVirtPrint, which is a Virtual Text Only Printer for use with FTCII, where the game’s print output can be displayed in a Windows program outside of QPC2. This patched version is the work of Martin Head. Along with IPVirtPrint, it may be downloaded from

http://www.greybeardz.com/games/index.html or http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/games/index.html