Alain Haoui has released a new version of the QubATA IDE hard disk driver software. This new release 3.10 is a unified product, where all the variants are released in one package at the same version level.

Versions for all supported platforms – Qubide, clones and Q40/Q60 plus Trashcan, Cdplayer, CDExplorer and Monitor – are all in this release.

Download the latest version on the QL ROMs page on my website at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/qlrom/index.html or http://www.greybeardz.com/qlrom/index.html

The page now includes a section which seeks to help users who have experienced problems with Quill files being saved as zero or 64 byte length with no text and provides a patched version of Quill to work around this problem.