Quill-e: Quill 2.4 Reworked

Keith Murphy took  a commented version of the sources for Quill v2.4 and reverse engineered the internal language within.

This version of Quill, Quill_e, has been made clean so that all direct access to the screen and unnecessary MODE calls are removed.

It also doesn’t grab all the memory in the machine, in fact you can pass the memory size as a parameter. It also multitasks so you can EXEC it, try it on the second screen in Minerva.

Two versions – one in QemuLator executable format, so you can just copy it to a native directory of QemuLator and just exec it from there, the other a zipped version of the normal Quill executable, which you should cop to any other QDOS/SMSQ system, unzip it there and then exec it.

No further documentation required, works just like standard Quill. Note: still limited to 8.3 filenames.

Download from the Psion programs page on my website http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/psions/index.html (scroll down to Quill-e section)