SQRview Updates

Bob Spelten’s SQRview graphics viewer has had a new year update.

The first small contribution is a fix in SQRview’s RLE compression routine.The bug revealed itself while trying to use RLE2 on mode 4 & 8 sprites.SQRview at the moment doesn’t support this but as it was an item on the Forum, Bob wanted to test if it worked.

Now the RLE2 works fine packing and unpacking also these low modes but as  long as WMAN2 does not recognise these SPRs properly there is no reason  for implementing it.

Strangely these SPRs are decompressed by WMAN2 but the result is unusable.

If you have or want to use this RLE2 option on mode 32/33 SPRs, I suggest  you download this fixed package from Bob’s site: