Level 9 Game Interpreter

Tomas Kral has been working on porting a level9 game interpreter for QL systems. His work so far can be seen at https://github.com/SinclairQL/level9

During the 1980s a small British company called Level 9, run by two brothers (Mike and Pete Austin), produced a series of text adventure games for a variety of computers. These games received considerable critical acclaim and are probably the best text adventures written for the small cassette based 8 bit computers common in Britain in the 80s.

Level 9 wrote their games using a custom designed system known as “A-Code”, which evolved from games on the 8 bit computers such as the Acorn BBC Model B, the Sinclair Spectrum and the Commodore 64 to the (then new) 16 bit machines such as the Amiga and the Atari ST.

Tomas’s work could lead to the release of several new adventure games for the QL.