charConvert For Windows

Peter Sulzer writes:

I have written a character conversion Application for windows, which can convert single chars to any substitution.

I have written it for my homepage, to translate all German Umlauts to html escape sequences (e. g. ‘ä’ to “ä”), but if you edit the *.ini-File, this program can also be used, to convert from QL character set to the ANSI character set of windows. It can convert a lot of different characters in one “run” (there is a table, where you can add substitutions, or add them to the *.ini-file).

It is a program with GUI (a WPF application), the working routine runs as a separate thread (doesn’t block the UI) and it can substitute whole directories (unfortunately it currently doesn’t recurse into subdirectories).

If anyone wants to test it, there is a preliminary download for QL users

Screenshots of all my programs can be found on the “Startseite” (, example:

There is one self extracting RAR-archive for the executable and a ZIP-archive with the source (published under the GNU GPL V1 or newer). The *.exe and *.ini file in the source archive can be found in subdirectory charConvert/bin/debug. You must also copy the subdirectory “de-DE” below the directory where charConvert.exe is stored if you want to get the German version (default is English).

The program should be pretty self explanatory. The *.ini file must be in the same directory as the *.exe. WARNING: There are file managers for Windows (e. g. Q-Dir) which don’t pass the program directory to the program. Then the *.ini file cannot be loaded. The normal Windows File manager does it correctly.