Black Phoenix 1.3.2

The QL software compilation Black Phoenix version 1.3.2 codename “Adelchi” (after a late Italian QL user, Adelchi Moscardini), was released on November 20 during the thirteenth Italian Sinclair QL meeting by Giorgio Garabello.

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Probably the most prominent change is the new WiQget feature. These are small standalone programs (like “Widgets”, from the name WIndows gaDGET originally) which exist in a bar towards the right of the screen, piling on top of each other without overlapping where possible.

WiQgets are little programs whose job is to stay on the desktop providing different kind of information. Every WiQget has a single job: one can have a WiQget which shows a calendar, another one which gives the current time/date and so on. Many WiQgets might fulfill the same task, simply showing the same results in different ways. It’s up to the user to choose what WiQget to use.

Every WiQget is simply a colored rectangle 250 pixels wide, showing some kind of data. Colors used are taken from the loaded system palette, so they depend on the loaded theme. There are no titlebars or pushbuttons. By hitting DO on any point of their surface, a tiny menu appears on their surface with six icon, each one of them devoted to a specific function.

Sample WiQgets screen dump

Other changes in this version of Black Phoenix are to the button frame – “Active Buttons” – and the new Extended Themes. These build on the colour themes implemented in the Window Manager 2, by adding desktop wallpapers, desktop icons, system fonts and more.

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