RWAP Software 30th Anniversary

1st November 2016 marked the 30th anniversary of the launch of RWAP Software and as part of the celebrations Rich Mellor released some of his titles as freeware and held a competition to win some QL software.

Software released included the StoQL screen converter, Quick Mandelbrot III, 3D Terrain, Sidewriter sideways spreadsheet printer, RWAP Software versions of QL Payroll and QL Cash Trader, QL Genealogist and the ProForma Epson Esc/P2 colour driver.

These are all available to download from my website – have a look at the List Of Site Updates page to find out which package is available from which pages.

To win the competition you had to name your favourite game and why, and where possible include a link to the game description on QL Wiki.

The winner of the competition was Giorgio Garabello from Italy. However, Giorgio felt unable to do justice to winning the full set of 9 game collections, worth over £200, so he kindly offered to share the prize with six other worthy participants.