Turbo Compiler and Toolkit Updated

George Gwilt writes:

New versions of some programs are now available on my website http://gwiltprogs.info

1. TURBO v5.0 allows access to its Channel Table. This table consists of a set of 32 40-byte entries one for each of the possible channels in a program compiled by TURBO. The first long word contains the ID of the QDOS channel, or -1 if none is open. The rest of the entry contains information about graphics for CON or SCR channels.

TURBO_CH(#N) returns the absolute address of the entry for channel N. N can be either an explicit number (between 0 and 31) or a variable containing the number.

2. TURBO_TK CODE v3.43 now contains the keyword TURBO_CH which, if used in S*BASIC, returns 1.

3. NET_PEEK v3.42, already issued, displays the contents of the channel table for CON/SCR channels in programs compiled by TURBO. The latest version, v3.43, now copes with programs compiled by TURBO v5.08.