SuperBASIC Syntax Rules For Textpad

If anyone has the Textpad editor for Windows and would like to use it to edit QL SuperBASIC programs (with user definable sytax colouring etc) I’ve added a copy of SuperBasic.syn from Laurence Reeves (author of Minerva) to my website. There is a link to it from Laurence’s website at but it’s a broken link, however, luckily I had saved a copy of it some time ago which happens to still be on my PC.

To use it, unzip the and place the file called superbasic.syn in your “Program Files” for TextPad, inside the “Samples” folder. Textpad can be downloaded from

Download it from (near the bottom of the page with the other syntax rules systems).

There’s also a set of ‘syntax’ files for use with BBEdit, TextWrangler and VIM editors for those who may prefer or may be more used to editing programs in editors on other operating systems which make use of configurable syntax highlighting. Of course, here on the QL, you could do worse than using the Thierry Godefroy port of microEmacs which also has syntax highlighting, available to download from or from Thierry’s site at