SMSQ/E v3.20

Wolfgang Lenerz has announced that version 3.20 of SMSQ/E is now out. This is mainly a bug fix release, curing a problem which might arise when trying to write to a read-only file if a single byte is sent to a DV3 channel. It also adds (to SMSQmulator only) a Java-based timer function (see above).

Other recent changes have included the integration of QPC-specific code, a facility to have different text sizes (different CSIZEs) in application windows, window move with transparency facility and the code base now includes the Gold Card drivers for the 256 colour (Aurora-style) colour mode, which is now available in QPC2 and SMSQmulator in addition to Aurora with Super Gold Card.

The binaries of all official versions of SMSQ/E (Gold Card, Q40, QPC, QXL, Atari and SMSQmulator) can be downloaded from the SMSQ/E Registrar’s site at

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The QemuLator versions of SMSQ/E are not integrated with the general SMSQ/E versions – two versions (which are a few versions behind what is available from Wolfgang’s site) are available for use with QemuLator’s Aurora and Q60 compatible ‘display card’ modes only from Daniele Terdina’s website at