SMSQ/E Manual

A new version of the complete SMSQ/E manual is now available. I have been fortunate to have the original Text 87 files from Jochen Merz, who kindly gave me permission to make use of them to produce and release the new version of the manuals.

What I wanted to do was to bring them up to date, as the paper copies I had were from some time ago. Even the documents I got from Jochen did not include mention of some of the more recent keywords and facilities added to SMSQ/E, for example, there was little or no mention of the Home Thing facility.

Fortunately, the SMSQ/E Registrar Wolfgang Lenerz has ensured that some documentation updates were available in the SMSQ/E source files which could be downloaded from his website at  so between those notes and looking at the sources I was able to enhance and update the manual.

This version is an all-in-one manual. It includes the supplements for the various hardware platforms (QL, QXL, QPC, Q40/Q60 and Atari emulator, though not yet SMSQmulator). The hope is that the SMSQ/E Registrar can make this manual available via his SMSQ/E site to ensure it’s kept up to date as SMSQ/E evolves in the future.

The 108 A4 page manual (and an A5 version) is available to download in PDF, ePub, Mobi and azw3 (Kindle) eBook formats from my QL eBooks page at