QPC1 Now Freeware

Following the free release of version 4 of QPC2, its author Marcel Kilgus has also decided to make available the full version of its DOS counterpart, QPC1. While QPC1 doesn’t have modern facilities like GD2 high colour modes, it is nonetheless a perfectly good SMSQ/E based QL emulator for DOS and very early Windows systems. It might be possible to breathe new life into an old and otherwise redundant PC by, for example, putting FreeDOS on it (www.freedos.org) just to run QPC1.

Writing on 25th February to confirm the release, Marcel said:

“Due to popular demand, the full version of QPC1 has now been released, too. It’s available from my web site and works amazingly well under the DosBox emulator. Fun fact: the QPC1 boot screen was modeled after my favorite game at the time: Doom.”

Download QPC1 and a plain text English manual from Marcel’s website at http://www.kilgus.net/qpc/downloads.html – it’s under ‘Obsolete stuff’ near the bottom of the page!