QL-SD Page

Now that QL-SD is available via SellMyRetro.com, albeit in small numbers so far, I’ve set up a page where you can download the manual, software starter pack and the BDI (Block Device Image) specification for emulators, thanks to Peter Graf for supplying the software and documents. I hope that as QL-SD becomes more widely available and used, this page can act as a source and repository for documents and files relating to the QL-SD

The page is at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/qlsd/index.html

Also, thanks to Graeme Gregory, a version of qltools has been developed specifically for use with the HxC floppy disk emulator. This is available from http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/files/index.html

And while on the subject of QL-SD, most people choose to install one QL-SD, usually in the MDV2_ slot, leaving MDV1 free to work as a microdrive. For those who would like two QL-SD per QL (e.g. backup?), Paul Veltjens who builds these devices has confirmed it’s possible to install a second SDHC adaptor as device name SDC2_. Paul says he then needs to set a jumper differently and a cable with three connectors, one for your QLROMEXT and two for the two sd card interfaces.

Pictures below from Peter Scott:

Picture of a QL-SD installed in a QL

A QL-SD installed in the MDV1_ slot on a QL, above. The two circuit boards are the ones on the left of the picture connected to the one at the bottom right of the picture via the ribbon cable. The picture below shows the finished product – all you see is the SDHC card protruding from the MDV1_ slot of Peter’s albino QL.

Picture of a QL-SD in the MDV1_ slot of a QL

Picture of a QL-SD installed in the MDV1_ slot of Peter Scott’s ‘albino’ QL

No price set for this yet, so if you require such a setup, please ask Paul via QL Forum.