SMSQmulator Update

Wolfgang Lenerz has announced that version 1.27 of the Java-based emulator is available to download free from his website at

It now is possible to configure it so that it doesn’t use much CPU time when the machine is idle. Changes to this only take effect after the next reset. Please read the manual section in this respect.

Other recent updates to the emulator include:

Also now has Aurora compatible screen mode.

  • SHIFT ESC now makes a copyright symbol.
  • MEM device for using QXL.WIN from RAM when SMSQmulator is run as an embedded applet from a website.
  • Millisecond timer using Java keywords JTMRSET and JTMRGET.
  • Sound device added in v1.23, meaning you can now use _ub (unsigned byte) sound files merely by COPYing them to the SOUND device, e.g. COPY test_ub TO SOUND. The SOUND device is largely compatible with Simon Goodwin’s SOUND driver for other systems.