QPC2 v4.01 Free For All!

Marcel Kilgus has announced that, to celebrate the birth of his daughter, he has made QPC2 available free to download from his website. In a posting on 31st January he said:

“I have mentioned that I intended to make QPC2 available and free for all for some time and the first fruit of this could be observed for QL Today subscribers with QPC2 v4 on the last QL-Today DVD.

“Now, to celebrate the birth of my first and very lovely daughter (who turns one week old in exactly 3 hours), I follow up on my promise and finally make QPC2 available for everybody to enjoy. Head over to http://www.kilgus.net/qpc/downloads.html  to get it.

“The package contains QPC2 v4.01 and the latest SMSQ/E 3.18.”

A couple of days later, Marcel wrote:

“There was a bug in the installer that created the qpc.ini and qpcdemo.win files write protected when installing using the “all users” option. This has been fixed. Also, the default qpc.ini file suppressed the config dialog, which has been fixed, too. It’s still 4.01 as QPC itself has not changed.”