QL On A Stick

This has had a major update, with the inclusion of the latest version of SMSQmulator and the free version of QPC2. Some useful QL and Windows software have been added too, including disk imaging software (so that you can create images of QL floppy disks for use with emulators using disk images, such as SMSQmulator) and file transfer software such as Jonathan Hudson’s wxqt2 system and Norman Dunbar’s Qstripper.

Also included is a collection of QL-related icons in PNG and GD2 sprite formats.

There is an online HTML version of the QL User Guide plus various format versions of the QL manual in both A4 and A5 formats, including PDF files, eBook versions and Word doc files.

The QL On A Stick is available on a CD ready to transfer to a USB pen drive of your choice for just £5.00 from Quo Vadis Design – order online at http://www.ql-qvd.com/products.html . A special version (called the QL On A Stisk SE) is available direct from Dilwyn Jones on a miniature 2GB pen drive (probably the smallest QL ever) for £10.00