Classic 70s and 80s Games Go Online

The Internet Archive has made available a number of classic 70s and 80s games online to play in a browser. OK, nostalgic and all that, but the real interest for us is that some of this is based on a Javascript implementation of the MESS emulator system, which included the Sinclair QL when I last reviewed it in this magazine, although the online version is so far based on only a handful of games machines from that era such as the Atari games consoles. The online version is called JSMESS.

There is a news feature about it on the BBC website at

The Internet Archive feature on this is at (it’s referred to as the Consolve Living Room online).

Where it gets even more interesting is if you search for ‘Sinclair QL’. Try:

(note it has several underscores in the link above which may be hidden by the underlining).

Scroll down to the bottom of that page and check out the links to some of Timo Salmi’s old QL software, for example. The ones I have looked at are written in SuperBASIC.

For further information about the MESS system, visit