GST QL Assemblers

With much appreciated help from Rich Mellor, the GST QL Assembler, Macro Assembler and Quanta Q-Mac are now available to download from the Dilwyn Jones website at

The Macro Assembler is available as a floppy disk version, or a two microdrive cartridge (program and library cartridges) version. The editor is included now.

Manuals are also available to download as PDF files. Note that the manual for the QL Assembler is rather large by QL standards at about 10MB.

Urs Koenig got permission from GST’s founder to release GST’s QL software as freeware a little while back, and Quanta committee decided after that to allow the Q-Mac (Quanta modified version of the Macro Assembler) to be made available for all QL users (previously only available to members).